★ Established in October 2009 by  Masako Hamada Ph.D. who is a researcher of the social history of American Fashion, with the aim of studying the history of American clothing and the history of multi-ethnic clothing in related countries from the viewpoint of social history. It is a research group that is based on the principle that theory and practice (production of clothing) are two wheels of a car.  This society is involved not only in people belonging to research and educational institutions such as universities and junior colleges but also it is widely open to those who are affiliated to fashion group or  are interested in fashion. How do you participate in this association? We hope you'll read the following:


★ The members are classified into three types: regular members, associate members, and audit members. A regular member can present a research at a regular meeting. Associate members can be commentators and workshop organizers at regular meetings. However, these activities are not required. Associate members can become full members by presenting their research at regular meetings. Attendance members are those who participate in trials at a regular meeting if they are interested in what kind of research group they are interested in, and have hands-on learning. In addition, if you want to participate continuously, you can become an associate member and a full member.


★ It seems that there is an image of a research center with a high threshold of researchers. However, the Society is open to researchers interested in fashion as well as a place to train researchers and a place for lifelong learning in an aging society. Over the past nine years, not only researchers and students, but also fashion designers, and many interested in fashion have enjoyed their participation.


★ If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by e-mail from the form below.