★Established in October 2009 by Masako Hamada, a researcher of the social history of American clothing, with the aim of researching the history of clothing in the United States and the history of multi-ethnic clothing in related countries from a social-historical perspective. It is a study group based on the philosophy that theory and practice (production of clothing and accessories) are two wheels of a cart. The association is open not only to those who belong to research and educational institutions such as universities and junior colleges, but also to those who are involved in fashion and those who have an interest in fashion.


 ★Since 2020, we have been conducting online courses due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


★This society is a place to train researchers, and at the same time it is open to anyone who is interested in fashion. Over the past 10 years, not only researchers and students, but also clothing designers and many people who are interested in fashion have enjoyed participating.


 ★If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by email using the inquiry form below.


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