The 21st International Costume Congress, Art To Wear exhibition, Aug. 18-19, 2004.

ICC(International Convention Center) in Korea


A Dancing Merveilleuse


The souce of this design is "Merveilleuse" in the early 19th century, which was the ruling fashion in France in the days of Directoire. The dress was designed making the most of the properties of black and red reversible materials. The shawl is composed of black tulle lace and a sash to represent a sort of Japanese atmosphere. This drawing was prepared using computer graphic software "Photoshop"


The 24th International Costume Congress, Art to Wear Exhibition, 

24-25 August, 2010.

National Museum of Korea, Seol


Evening Dress of Japanese Muslin Textile


An evening dress designed  in a combination of Japanese and Western-style.  The malabos  consists of  turkey and coquille feathers. It lines the neckline, cuff, slit, and hem. Color in the entire dress  is enhanced by the dyed rose-pink feathers of the marabou, and this same color can also be found in the cloth pattern.


The 25th International Costume Congress, Art to Wear Exhibition, National Science and Technology Museum, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.


22-23 August, 2012


Prayer to Reconstruction and Peace



In homage to the victims of The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, the designer used the image of "a prayer for reconstruction and peace"  to create an original haute couture costume from the viewpoint of a fashion designer. The pheasant feathers in the shoulders represent togetherness in the   struggle for revival and the coming restoration of peace, and the large ribbon on the back represents the bonds between people. 


The 26th International Costume Congress, Art To Wear Exhibition, Gakusyuuin Women's University, Japan

22-23 August, 2014


Clio (Goddess of History)


A goddess of Greek mythology, Clio is one of the nine muses of the literary arts who holds sway especially over epic and of history. This work features the design of a costume that might have been worn by Clio as she confronts the many difficulties faced by humankind throughout history and opens up the future. I inlaid the neckband with blue Swarovski necklaces, placed radiant spangles on the box pleats of the flared skirt, and decorated the hem with lavish lace garnished with pearls.